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Transition Peer Groups - FAQs

Why should I join?   We offer you, the business owner, a forum where you will interact with other like minded owners with similar circumstances and situations that you all face on a daily basis to get assistance from these individuals.  You can bounce ideas off of them and they will do the same with you to keep you connected all parts to the decision making process.

What separates you from all the others? We are unique because in addition to providing you with a forum of your peers, you will also have access to the Capitus team of advisors and consultants who are experts in a range of area from financial, legal, administrative/operational aspects of all facets of business that owners regularly need assistance and guidance with.

How long am I obligated to commit?  That is up to you and we want you to feel comfortable with your participation in the group, so there will be an initial trial period (TBD) and you can decide if you want to continue.  Once you do, we will have a minimum requirement of one year so you can get the full array of the panel, speakers and our services to be provided.

What are the benefits I will receive? By participating in one of our Peer Groups, you will not only have access to other leaders and decision makers like yourself but you will also be able to interact with our team of advisors and consultants at no extra cost.  This is a great value as most small to medium sized business owners have no advisory team or they just don’t know where to turn for assistance.  We provide this all as part of the services you will receive.

Where do we meet and how do you organize the groups?  Once we have each group organized accordingly, we will meet at a mutually convenient predetermined location that makes it easily accessible for each member.  The groups will be based according to stage of transition for each member whether you are early stage or later stage.  We will also possibly organize you according to the type of industry you are in.

What is included in the fee?  You will be able to participate in one monthly meeting along with having access to one Capitus advisor per month for approximately an hour of time.  In addition to this, you will be exposed to a vast array of topics, speakers and peers that you will be able to interact with on a regular basis.

Who should participate?  If you are a business owner, decision maker or management team executive that is entertaining the thought of entering the next phase of business transition where you are contemplating or actively seeking an exit for your business, then you should be a part of one of our peer groups.  We have an active interview process where we will be able to determine if you are a good fit for this.




Services We Offer

Transition Strategy & Solutions
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Transition Peer Groups


Why Capitus is Different

– We are holistic in our approach. All Capitus advisors have owned businesses and experienced the growth and successful exits of businesses or managed similar ventures.

– We provide succession, transition and exit options to our clients

– We focus on value enhancement over time

Proven Processes and Tools

Discovery: Capitus Value Scan

Planning: Successful Planning Transition Institute ™

Value Enhancement: Value Opportunity Profile ™ (licensee)

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