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Capitus Transition Peer Groups

Capitus offers a unique opportunity for business owners and leaders entering that next of transition phase to grow both personally and professionally. Capitus Transition Peer Groups bring together high caliber peers all in a similar stage of transition, either actively seeking or contemplating an exit from your business. Led by a Capitus Advisor, our Transition Groups offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity to gain tremendous insight from peers going through the same things you are, in the company of a trusted business advisor.

Capitus Transition Peer Groups meet monthly for a morning or afternoon, during which peers share and receive feedback on their business efforts. You are grouped with peers in the same stage of business you are in, and all discussions are relevant to issues you need to address in your business.

Peers In Your Stage of Business

You are grouped with people in similar stages of transition, which ensures discussions are focused and applicable. Our groups include the following stages:
– Early Stage Exit
– Family Business Transition
– Late Stage Sale

One-on-One with Capitus Advisors

Each participant meets with a Capitus Advisor monthly to discuss on-going progress in your business and the peer group.  Our advisors have years of experience in a multitude of business environments, from services to manufacturing, to growing and exiting, small to large.

Facilitated Meetings

Meetings are facilitated each month by one or more of our experienced Capitus advisors. We make sure the meetings are run smoothly, that everyone in the group participates and that there is value in the content of the discussion.

Worst Foot Forward

One of the primary principals of the Peer Groups is presenting your “worst foot forward.” This is the idea that if we are able to talk about our problems and mistakes made, that quite frankly, every business owner in the world experiences, we’ll be able to get assistance and make progress. If all we do is talk about our successes, we miss the opportunity to learn how to really fix problems. So, if you’re going to join, be prepared to hear about and learn from mistakes.

Fast Paced Agenda

Each meeting is fast paced and covers a lot of business ground.

  • Peer Updates – updates on the most recent developments in your firm
  • Capitus Topics – your Capitus facilitator will cover a topic from one of our many fields of expertise and engage the group in review and feedback
  • Guest Speakers – meetings may include guest speakers on timely professional topics
  • Breakouts – in between meetings, you will meet with one of your peers and discuss the monthly topic.
  • Member Presentation – one or members will make a short presentation having to do with the monthly topic and how it relates to their business.


Monthly Topics

Monthly topics covered include the most critical business related issues (see FAQs) and are designed to unique meet the needs of the group itself.


An Affordable Alternative

Capitus Transition Peer Groups are designed to be an affordable alternative to expensive networking groups. At $595 monthly, you can not find a more cost effective way of engaging with peers and professional advisors who have been there and done that.

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More on Transition Peer Groups: FAQS

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Why Capitus is Different

– We are holistic in our approach. All Capitus advisors have owned businesses and experienced the growth and successful exits of businesses or managed similar ventures.

– We provide succession, transition and exit options to our clients

– We focus on value enhancement over time

Proven Processes and Tools

Discovery: Capitus Value Scan

Planning: Successful Planning Transition Institute ™

Value Enhancement: Value Opportunity Profile ™ (licensee)