Value Creation – Transition Planning – Exit Planning – Transaction Advisory Services


Transition Strategy & Solutions

Capitus provides business owners with full service around their transition needs, whether that be late or early in the business life-cycle. We help customize tailor and implement solutions for near term and long term needs.

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Stage 1 – Discovery

Personal and corporate needs assessment

Determine personal and corporate readiness

Business Risk Identification

Stage 2 – Options Assessment

Business Evaluation

Multiple Options Review

Stage 3 – Strategy 

Plan Establishment

Internal Resource Fixes

External Resources Acquisition

Value Enhancement

Stage 4 – Execution

Transition Implementation

Services We Offer

Transition Strategy & Solutions
– Corporate Value Enhancement
Management Advisory
Transition Peer Groups

Why Capitus is Different

– We are holistic in our approach. All Capitus advisors have owned businesses and experienced the growth and successful exits of businesses or managed similar ventures.

– We provide succession, transition and exit options to our clients

– We focus on value enhancement over time

Proven Processes and Tools

Discovery: Capitus Value Scan

Planning: Successful Planning Transition Institute ™

Value Enhancement: Value Opportunity Profile ™ (licensee)