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Management Advisory Services

Advisory For Your Personal and Professional LifeCycle

At Capitus, we provide tailored advisory services to help you achieve the balance between your personal and professional goals. We offer one-on-one business coaching to help grow the CEO and the executive team, as well as advisory boards to provide additional support and oversight to a growing organization.

Corporate Advisory

Leaders who desire to grow both professional and personally typically find they need an outside perspective from someone who has been there and done that. Capitus provides both the experience and confidential consultation necessary that includes guidance and direction on just about every aspect of the business.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Operations
  • Financial Review
  • Organization

Develop / Moderate Corporate Advisory Boards

Successful Companies – from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies – take advantage of the expertise of Advisory Boards to provide fresh, reality-based objective analysis of needs, talents and opportunities to help expand and diversify their business. Put the Best and Brightest to Work for You- As a CEO, you face unique and difficult challenges day in and day out. No other person in your company has a greater need for unbiased information, hard truths, frank advice and fresh solutions. Having help from an Advisory Board made up of former business owners, CEOs, business leaders and industry experts you can trust gives your company an important competitive advantage. Finding the right mix of Advisors for your Board takes time and unique expertise. Capitus Group has worked with companies throughout the US to match needs to resources. Our vast network of business and industry leaders means access for you and your company to the very best, most talented team of Advisors. An Advisory Board Can:

  • Serve as your very own management think tank, sounding board, mentoring group and invaluable source of ideas and expertise.
  • Provide honest, objective, critical advice.
  • Fill in gaps in your management and technical expertise to extend your range in areas key to next-stage growth.
  • Determine strategic direction for critical problems to avoid costly or fatal decisions.
  • Evaluate management performance, business process implementation and product/marketing strategy.
  • Enhance focus and discipline.
  • Identify business development opportunities to bring depth and breadth to objectives and strategies for business growth.
  • Provide counsel and specific assistance to assure continued success of the company through challenging transition periods including succession and retirement planning.
  • Provide a center of influence for networking to leverage contacts in the business community to maximize potential opportunities.
  • Cut through the clutter of “analysis paralysis” and provide decision-making guidance.

Project Management

We are experts at filling the gap between your company’s employees and the technical consultants who are often brought in to implement new systems. We are perfect for project oriented work because we are available when you need us, and only when you need us, to lead and advance your project while enabling your employees to continue to do their job. We also have the capability to serve interim financial roles during transitions such as Controller, Analyst, CFO, etc.

Examples of the types of projects we manage:

  • Implementation projects – our specialty is business intelligence (Hyperion, etc).
  • Creation of meaningful and concise internal reporting packages to help you manage your business, including identification of key performance indicators.
  • Developing/improving a methodology for product and customer profitability analysis.
  • Budget and forecast projects, including modeling of long-term projections.
  • Integration projects for new acquisitions.
  • Developing and improving consolidation models for multi company and multi currency enterprises.


Services We Offer

Transition Strategy & Solutions
Corporate Value Enhancement
Management Advisory
Transition Peer Groups

Why Capitus is Different

– We are holistic in our approach. All Capitus advisors have owned businesses and experienced the growth and successful exits of businesses or managed similar ventures.

– We provide succession, transition and exit options to our clients

– We focus on value enhancement over time

Proven Processes and Tools

Discovery: Capitus Value Scan

Planning: Successful Planning Transition Institute ™

Value Enhancement: Value Opportunity Profile ™ (licensee)