Upgrade Your Level of Financial Sophistication

In this time of tight credit markets and increasing credit defaults, there is a heightened emphasis on accurate and timely financial reporting and analysis for both potential and existing borrowers. As credit analysis moves to the forefront of the duties of commercial lenders, many companies are finding that they need to take that “next step” in order to meet the internal and external demand for meaningful financial information.

During these tough times, regardless of whether a company is a $1 million startup or a $500 million established business, companies find themselves in a situation where they need to increase their level of financial sophistication. Some specific areas that are most important to companies and their lenders include:

  • Providing timely and accurate financial reporting
  • Creating reliable and realistic budgets and forecasts
  • Identifying and understanding financial trends and changes in financial condition
  • Getting through a financial audit

Whether you’re a business owner or a lender with clients in your portfolio, Preferred Finance Partners could be a perfect solution to provide more sophistication in these areas.