Kansas City Business Journal – Family Owned Businesses

Cam-Bishop-KansasCityBusinessJournalNobody likes to face his or her mortality. And many business owners have an equally hard time picturing anyone, even their children, running their companies. But most financial, legal and business experts would tell you that a succession plan is almost as important as a business plan. Recently, Sara Freetly-Grubb, who owns Candid Marketing + Communications with her sister, led a discussion for the Kansas City Business Journal about how business owners can best tackle this difficult task. Area experts offer tips specifically tailored to the needs of owners of family businesses about how to plan for succession and maximize their companies’ value while creating the most options for family members.

Read the full discussion in the Kansas City Business Journal with Cameron Bishop, Partner at The Capitus Group in Kansas City.

Mr. Bishop’s business experience covers a variety business scenarios involving start-ups, product line extensions, organic growth, international business, mergers, acquisitions and deal integration. The majority of his career in management was spent executing leveraged rollups for private equity firms. He has extensive M&A and deal integration experience involving nearly 60 buy and sell-side transactions. His work with Capitus Group now emphasizes helping business owners prepare their companies for exit or transition.